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Thursday, 24 June, 2010

Buying Maximo Assets Management

United States buying options Ready to view pricing and buy? Software online catalog Find suggested retail prices and buy online – ideal…

Thursday, 24 June, 2010


Brochures: IBM Maximo Enterprise brochure Achieve greater efficiency in asset management by managing all your asset types on a single platform (EAM V7.1)…

Friday, 25 June, 2010

Maintenance Management

The maintenance department is one of the greatest levers of profitability that any capital intensive organization has. An average of 40 – 50%…

Thursday, 24 June, 2010

IBM Maximo 7.1 Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

IBM Maximo 7.1 Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements: IBM® Maximo® uses an n-Tier architecture, which lets you deploy Maximo across one or more tiers. You can run Maximo on a single physical server or across multiple servers depending on the number of concurrent users and the hardware. Maximo requires workstations and servers in each tier […]