Asset Management Software IBM (Former Tivoli)

Achieve greater efficiency in asset management by managing all your asset types on a single platform.

Obtain an entirely new level of asset awareness


Every company knows it is crucial to care for the critical assets the company depends on, whether they include a fleet of trucks or a plant full of production equipment. To meet the specific needs of different asset types, organizations have traditionally relied on multiple software solutions. These solutions, however, provide only a partial view of an organization’s total enterprise assets, making it difficult to identify areas for performance improvement. As a result, organizations don’t have the asset visibility they need to achieve the operational excellence they seek.

IBM Maximo® Asset Management takes the power, performance and possibilities of asset management to an entirely new level.

Built on a single software platform, Maximo Asset Management delivers a comprehensive view of all asset types — production, facilities, transportation and IT — across your enterprise. This holistic perspective allows you to see all of your assets, as well as identify all of the untapped potential within them. You gain the knowledge and control you need to closely align your organization’s goals with the overall goals of your business.